In 2005 was born in Porches a true gastronomic pearl. The Belmondo Ristorante represents a genuine cucina d´Italia with his rich flavors and timeless aromas. One cautious selection of fresh products that are the foundation to a fusion of rustic and original cuisine adopting, to our days, one gourmet side.

This unique place is the reflection of the host Américo Palmeira. Since her times of student in Coimbra he feels the constant passion by the Italian gastronomy.

The influence of relatives e friendship circle, attached to the high gastronomy, open the way to, in mid of the eighties decade, go to Paris. In the French capital knows is eternal mentor, Natalicio Amaro, a Sicilian that was the owner of several restaurants and an Italian cuisine lover. That’s how, without nobody knowledge, was starting the born of Belmondo concept.

“Was in Paris with Natalicio Amaro that I had learned the basis for my future” – quotes Américo Palmeira.

During five years learned the culinary art of the high Italian cuisine, developed the skills to manage nine restaurants of his mentor and solidified his passion for the Alpine cuisine.

Quickly was been recognized by his good taste, enterprising spirit and deep knowledge of the Italian gastronomy. Then with 26 years old, the longing awakes and the will to go back to Portugal. In this period of time he had a huge success with the Italian Ristorante “Casa de Pizza” on Monte Estoril.

In 1991, Natalicio Amaro made an irrecusable invitation to his disciple – be the manager and right arm of his restaurants in Germany and Italy. Américo Palmeira saw this opportunity of meet new worlds and deepen his knowledge’s of hotel management. His enthusiasm by Catering and gastronomy took him to graduate in hotel management with cuisine education in the city of Remini on Italy.

After a professional reflection period he decides to get back to Portugal and chooses Algarve as stage to show the Italian enogastronomic art. Started a new project of an Italian restaurant “Dolce Vita” in Albufeira, this restaurant that attended by true appreciators of Italian food and wines. On this house arose the opportunity to develop new projects and know another horizons. One exclusive space dictated the bet on Belmondo.

This unique space in Algarve is as Italian enogastronomic fountain of flavors and aromas surrounded by attractive atmosphere. Come and meet Belmondo…